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4. Compliance with Laws and Applicable Policies and Procedures

Members of the Stanford University Community must transact University business in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and University policy and procedure. Managers and supervisors are responsible for teaching and monitoring compliance. When questions arise pertaining to interpretation or applicability of policy, contact the individual who has oversight of the policy. Refer all unresolved questions and/or interpretation of laws and regulations to the Office of the General Counsel. University-wide policy documents can be found at

a. Contractual, Grant and Other Obligations
The acceptance of an agreement, including sponsored project funding, may create a legal obligation on the part of Stanford University to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement and applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, only individuals who have authority delegated by an appropriate University official may enter into agreements on behalf of the University. See Administrative Guide Memo 5.1.1 Procurement Policies.

b. Environmental Health & Safety, including Workplace Health and Safety
Members of the University Community must be committed to protecting the health and safety of its members by providing safe workplaces. The University will provide information and training about health and safety hazards, and safeguards. University Community members must adhere to good health and safety practices and comply with all environmental health and safety laws and regulations. See Stanford Health and Safety Training Policies.

c. Non-University Professional Standards
Some professions and disciplines represented at the University are governed by standards and codes specific to their profession (such as attorneys, certified public accountants, and medical doctors). Those professional standards generally advance the quality of the profession and/or discipline by developing codes of ethics, conduct, and professional responsibility and standards to guide their members. Those belonging to such organizations are expected to adhere to University policies and codes of conduct in addition to any professional standards. If a University Community member believes there is a conflict between a professional standard and University policy, he/she should contact the Office of the General Counsel.

d. Academic Policies
See Academic Policies and Statements on the Stanford Bulletin website for academic policies.

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